Android future, really?

I have been observing Googles activity called Fuchsia for past few years. There is more or less rumours about what language would be supported there or what would be the primary one. Nevertheless the movement for new system running on own hardware is obvious.

Architecture components

Google covers majority of mobile world with Android operating system. And it’s obvious, that this system is in troubles. Android teams introduced Android architecture components. This activity might seems to be the right way to solve issues every Android developer is struggling with. It also seems to make Android development more attractive for everyone.

Patching not fixing

I know, that architecture components takes more and more popularity. But I also can’t overlook what smart people pointed out of this architecture. Whole concept of lifecycle awareness is based on retained fragments (well known trouble makers). ViewModels are complex objects, rather than simple state holders. And there is much more. It seems to me like patching broken system, rather than fixing real cause of troubles.

Successor for Android

This January was confirmed that Android App support had been added to the codebase of Fuchsia. It seems to be more and more obvious, that Google has been preparing shift for the new operation system and it requires to shift also all existing developers with their skills and apps, they have been working so far.

Fuchsia is still in some alpha state and unconfirmed. But there is quite a lot effort behind that. Let’s see Fuchsia subreddit for latest rumours and news. Anyway there is new operation system coming. What will show Google I/O 2019 up? Will there be some official announcement?

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