I migrated my blog

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The starter platform

A couple of years ago I have created personal website blog with WordPress. It was the fastest way how to crate and start personal website for me. I was impressed.

Why I left

During the time I started to feel a bit uncomfortable when I needed to customize some advanced parts. One have to dive into WordPress specific structure and themes. Don't mention there is the pay-more model with anything advanced.

As a software craftsman I was chained to that closed platform. So I was thinking about something lightweight, portable, playful to code and easy to move from hosting to hosting.

So it begins...

What's my choice

The idea is to write my own website to be hosted on Node.js

I found really awesome statically generated starter using Next.js, Markdown and TypeScript/React.

And that's exactly what I was looking for :

  • Write content as markdown managed by Remark and focus on your content - content first.
  • Update template by using React and Tailwind - play with the web development.
  • Save the content and the code to GitHub - keep your pages easy to move.

The new platform

With existing code for the website, it's just matter of Node.js platform hosting. There is pretty popular Heroku platform where to host Node.js code. And there are many more.

Anyway my favourite local platform is Rosti. This platform basically takes care about the ecosystem, and I can focus on the code and deployment. It's also family like business, so one can always ask for advice and get personal response. That's exactly my preference.

Why blog at all

I experience a lot of interesting stories during my Android software craftsmanship. And I feel those stories might help others when solving similar problems. Or at least deserves to be told.

Therefore, I decided to write them down in a pretty short readable form. And any story will have its own piece of code on my GitHub monorepo.

That's it.

This was my first story. Hope you enjoyed it.

See you soon.